Friday’s Five to Watch

  1. Which conference will prove to be the best over the course of the first round of the divisional playoffs? The Catholic Conference has a big weekend and with wins by Xaverian and Saint John’s Prep they could be on their way to play each other in the D1 title game. The CC may be the best conference at the top but the Bay State also has a very big weekend with many teams that will look to advance to the second round.
  2. Which player will become a household name after this weekend of playoffs? My bet is that Drew Caruso will have a big game for the Wamps of Braintree. Caruso has played well this year with several big performances and could see a big jump in name recognition if he has a game to remember versus BC High.
  3. The rain versus Andover’s EJ Perry and his arm. Perry has had to put up points… lots of them and the contest against a high scoring Lexington team will be no different. If the weather clears Perry may be able to will his team and his high school career to another game but if the dreary weather continues it favors Sal Frelick and the Minutemen at home.
  4. Last year Everett upset Saint John’s Prep (although the writing for that one may have been on the wall) in a 1 versus 8 matchup. This year who will be the low seed to knock off a higher seed? The trendy pick has been Andover over Lexington but the Braintree Wamps also look to upset BC High on their own field. Braintree is one of the biggest feeder areas to BC High and the Wamps may take this as a ‘’super bowl’’ of sorts and try to beat kids who have left their hometown to go to  BC High. This will be a fun game with both offenses having big play ability on the ground.
  5. It will be interesting to see if the new division alignments cause more close games or games that are blowouts. With several teams making the playoffs with losing records, look for there to be more blowouts in the lower divisions while D1 and D1A will have some very competitive match-ups.

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