New – Massachusetts Football Player Profiles – ITHMA (2/21/17)….

Inside the Huddle Massachusetts (ITHMA) is considering the creation of ITHMA Football Player Profile pages and we want to gauge player interest in pursuing this. There would be no charge to players and we think it would be another great way to get local athletes exposure to college coaches. Information would include name, high school, height, weight, position, gym stats, historical performance, GPA / SAT (optional), and other information worth noting. If players are interested please DM us on Twitter and we will let readers know if there is enough interest for us to move forward with this. Thank you!

Player Profiles:

2018 Profiles:

Mike Bernard

Drew Callahan

Chris Chaisson

Joe Cox

Adam Deese

Domenic DePaoli

Eric DeMayo

Coleman Drugotch

Matt Drouillard

John Grady

James Hanafin

Mitchell Hayes

Gates Kelliher

Seth Kourtesis

Wes Legare

John McNamara

Matt O’Neill

Anthony Owens

Matt Powell

Ben Robinson

Angelo Santiago

2019 Profiles:

Luke Folan

Kevin Hennessey



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