Hunter Gorgas (Class of 2018) of St. John’s Shrewsbury Talks With ITHMA (3/1/17)…

St. John’s Shrewsbury tight end Hunter Gorgas stands 6’5″ and 245 pounds and he just picked up his first Division 1 scholarship offer from the University of Rhode Island. He can expect to pick up many more college offers given that he has received interest from other schools including Michigan, Duke, Syracuse, Rutgers, Boston College, Maryland, Holy Cross, Yale, Temple and Bryant. Gorgas says his ultimate goal is to play Division 1 football and to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps as he played at Notre Dame where he won a national championship back in 1966. The college recruiting process has been the most exciting time of his life and he hopes he eventually plays at a top college football program that would give him a chance to be the second member of his family to win a national championship. Gorgas chose to attend St. John’s because of the excellent academics and athletics and he feels he will be completely prepared for college by the end of his senior year. In his free time he plays Madden 17 and NBA 2K17 and proudly claims that he will beat anyone in Madden and will beat anyone in 2K playing as the Raptors…. we sense an ITHMA Madden Tournament in the near future. He also likes doing field workouts with his teammates but also has some very diverse interests including playing music (he wants to start a band with his friends), going to dinner with his family and he even follows the news coming out of NASA. Gorgas hopes to win a state title in football and basketball before his high school career at St. John’s is over and then he wants to showcase the talents and abilities that God has given him at the collegiate level. We expect Hunter Gorgas to receive many more offers from top college football programs in the near future and the school he chooses will get a top Massachusetts prospect who will represent our state very well at the next level.

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