Bryce Shaw (Class of 2018) of Bridgewater-Raynham Talks With ITHMA (3/6/17)…

In 2016 the Bridgewater-Raynham football team played what was probably the most difficult overall schedule in the State of Massachusetts as they faced numerous Super Bowl teams including Xaverian Brothers, King Philip and Duxbury. So we thought it would be interesting to reach out to one of their top players in class of 2018 middle linebacker and fullback Bryce Shaw. Shaw had the honor of recently being offered a college football scholarship from the United States Naval Academy and he has also had interest from and visited other schools including Boston College, Harvard and Dartmouth. Future visits will include Brown, UMass and the University of Pennsylvania. He has also spoken with Temple, Army and Duke. Having previously attended football camp at Navy where he had the chance to showcase his football skills, Shaw was thrilled when Navy Assistant Coach Justin Davis called and offered him his first D1 scholarship. In his free time Shaw is another Madden player but he also likes lifting weights and hanging out with friends. Although he plays on both sides of the ball Shaw says his favorite position to play is linebacker and that is where he will likely play in college. Reflecting back on their tough 2016 schedule, Shaw said two of the most difficult teams they played were the Xaverian Brothers game which they won and the King Philip game who B-R lost to in the playoffs. Shaw will visit more schools and hopefully pick up more college offers over the next few months. He will play lacrosse for B-R this spring and he will then head into his senior year where he will look to win a State football title with his teammates whom he directly credits for his success. Bryce Shaw already holds a scholarship offer from a top college and wherever he decides to attend he will represent the State of Massachusetts very well.

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  1. Great for Bryce, and Navy is a great school! What exactly is an “offer” from Navy though? Every Midshipmen admitted pays the same amount, and I assume any recruit still needs a Congressional commendation and to pass admissions muster. So what can an assistant coach tell a prospect? Is it a “likely letter” like an Ivy? Please explain

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