Boston College Football Class of 2018 Recruiting Strategy (3/24/17)…

Boston College Football Class of 2018 Recruiting Strategy


Lawrence Academy 2018 tight end Joey Luchetti recently committed to Boston College and he joins wide receiver Jehlani Galloway from Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island as the two players currently in the BC 2018 recruiting class. Luchetti reportedly had no other offers and Galloway had received offers from some other colleges including UMass and Maine. It would appear that BC Head Coach Steve Addazio is looking for New England recruits who can come in and help make their football program competitive in the Atlantic Coast Conference. The 2017 BC recruiting class was helped significantly by the late addition of Lawrence Academy running back AJ Dillon who flipped from Michigan to BC. The Lawrence Academy angle is of interest because their football program is run by former BC Eagle Paul Zukauskas and the fact that they have two other 2018 linemen that BC has already offered in OL Finn Dirstine and DL Ryan Betro. Another former Lawrence Academy offensive lineman Eddy Fish has also announced that he is transferring from Illinois to Boston College. Clearly Coach Addazio is making a big play to try and keep all of the Lawrence Academy kids in state and playing for Boston College. Dirstine is already a national recruit so he would be the top target for BC while Betro has been picking up a number of college offers recently including Syracuse and UMass. This is an interesting strategy for BC to focus on the top local kids rather than trying to chase prospects from other states that are, frankly, much more sought after and harder to get to come to Massachusetts to play their college football. A recent Boston College junior day featured a number of other local prospects including several top players from the Division 1 State Champions Everett High School. This is a good start for the Eagles but here at ITHMA we think there are still a lot of Massachusetts high school players that BC should already be in on with offers and it seems that BC frequently comes in after another school targets a prospect. This was true for Betro who was offered first by Syracuse, Millis-Hopedale OL Kevin Pyne who was offered first by the University of Rhode Island and Milton Academy RB/LB Kalel Mullings who was offered first by Michigan. There is no way BC should not have been the very first offer for every single one of these kids given they are playing in their backyard.  There are a number of other Massachusetts players that should also have been already offered by BC and are sitting out there for other colleges to identify and get in early on. BC needs to do a better job locking up the top local kids early in the recruiting process and keep players like Xaverian Brothers DL Joe Gaziano and St. Sebastian’s LB Blake Gallagher from going to Northwestern along with Brooks School TE Pat Freiermuth choosing Penn State and Leominster WR Noah Gray choosing to attend Duke. Anyone who attended the State Championship game would have offered Everett DL Duval Paul on the spot yet he is leaving to play at Georgetown. These are the kids BC needs to identify and lock up early so the commitments of Luchetti and Galloway show some promise that BC is finally focusing in on the right recruiting areas where they can be successful.

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  1. You forgot Patrick Watson, Offensive Tackle at Boston College High School. BC had turned its back on the type of kids/players that made them successful in the first place. Many BCH O-Linemen excelled at BCH. Watson would have as well. One of the best linemen in the state who dominated against the state’s top competition for two years.

  2. This has been the strategy since Addazio got here, nothing new. I dont think many realize the damage that Spaziani did to the program (locally) and how much Addazio has had to recover even with guys in the area.

    As to your examples, you’re a bit off base. BC offered Gallagher in Summer 2014 as a 2017 recruit, before a Northwestern. They also offered Gaziano first. They were also first major to offer Freirmuth. Your other examples don’t really move the needle as those are guys who had no D1 interest (as in the kid going to Duke who was a QB being moved to TE, and to that end, they brought in Hunter Long and Drew McQuarie, both from the area, both play TE and in McQuarie’s case was also a HS QB who is shifting positions). The Mullings kid is a 2020, UM offered first and BC second, UM coming out of nowhere and offering some kid out of the blue is uncontrollable, especially one so young (BC also first major school to offer Pyne). BC can’t just go around offering guys simply because they’re from the state, not how it works.

    The guy above mentioning ONE KID who plays OL and claims that BC has “turned its back on the type of kids that made is succesful”. BC never offered. He had no other major 1A interest. And he completely ignores the fact that BC has brought in 8 of 14 OL from New England in Addazio’s 4 classes. So you wont be happy untill BC brings in 100% of OL from Mass ? BC should only be recruiting from the shallow recruiting pool of New England becuase you think thats what “made BC succesful” ?

    They also can’t control where kids go. You can’t fault a kid for going to Northwestern or Penn State, both have numerous selling points over BC. Overall, Addazio has done a better than decent job recruiting the area. He’s done very well in CT and solid in Mass.

    It’s also important to remember where the Northeast falls into the national landscape. It’s not good HS FB. BC has to be able to recruit other area of the country, its vital. Once you get past 5-6 guys in Mass, there is no talent (you’re example of this kid going to Georgetown is a perfect example, if he was a legit prospect, where are the better offers, where was even a bad D1 school like UMass or UConn with offers). With many (likely not Paul’s case since he got into Georgetown) you have to take into account the academic issue, BC has to evaluate that when taking into account potential kids and where they can recruit in New England.

    1. Hey Joe, relax. We’re talking about kids here. You have no idea who offered and who didn’t. No need to disparage a kid. I merely used him as an EXAMPLE of the TYPE of kid BC has not paid enough attention to in my opinion. I said nothing about BC exclusively recruiting Massachusetts kids. And the original post was about Massachusetts kids. Not New England. I’m BC ’78 and I note that the BC teams of 80’s and 90’s that were so successful we’re stocked with Massachusetts kids, particularly linemen. I think it’s also great that BC recruit from other regions. My only point was the program has clearly lost its way and its recruiting is not good. Including, perhaps, not paying enough attention to MASSACHUSETTS players. The kid I mentioned and numerous others. No need for you to get so excited.

  3. Perhaps BC is being a little more deliberative and is a little more discerning because of their academic standards? Do they really “need” to lock up every MA kid as sophomores to become competitive in the ACC? Don’t pull out the “we’re talking about kids here” card when this whole site is dedicated to pumping kids’ tires. BC does not “lose” kids to Georgetown for football, ever! And “locking up” commits early with verbal offers doesn’t mean did it work out for the Maize and Blue with Dillon? Take a look at the BC incoming class and where they found most of the kid they are most excited about. I am as big a fan of MA HS football as anybody, but nationally, it is not a good fishing spot..that is not disparaging kids, that is a fact. Perfect example, look at Harvard’s roster 25 years ago and now..and look at their success in recent years..yes, they still have some good MA kids, but they have survived by “missing” some too.

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