ESPN Downsizing Again (4/26/17)…

ESPN shut down their High School Boston web site last October and today they announced another round of layoffs including many of their on-air personalities. ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Company and has been under significant pressure to reduce their expenses as over twelve million cable subscribers have “cut the cord” and dropped cable TV as the monthly cost goes ever higher. This has caused a significant revenue drop at ESPN while at the very same time they are having to pay huge increases for their sports content including college football, pro football and pro baseball. So they are seeing less money coming in and are paying out much more for the games they run on their stations. Closing down their high school coverage and today’s job cuts will further reduce sports coverage overall and is not a very good trend long-term. Frankly, ESPN is not what it used to be and short of them having a highly desirable game on one of their stations there is not much of a draw to watch it anymore. Stations like ESPN losing their appeal also makes it much easier for viewers to decide to walk away from cable bills that are now hundreds of dollars per month regardless of your cable provider. So people are turning to other forms of entertainment and other ways to follow sports coverage with most of it now provided on the internet. Not sure where all of this will end but all of these changes will definitely make it harder for smaller sports and high school sports to receive any coverage from a company like ESPN.

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