Profiles In Courage – Boston (5/24/17)….

Anyone from Boston knows how tight our community is, how we rally together in tough times and how we love to support great causes. We also know how much we love our athletic heroes and we have been blessed with many of the greatest to ever play sports over the years. We have also been blessed by three tremendous human beings who exemplify Boston, our common sense of unity and our desire to help others in need. Honestly, can any other sports city in the world say that they have inspirations such as Travis Roy, Denna Laing and Pete Frates to look up to? These true profiles in courage are unique to our city and they all have deep ties to our community. All three were dealt a tremendous blow at the very pinnacle of their sports careers and not only handled it with incomprehensible courage but they have also turned it into an opportunity to raise awareness and research funds. Travis Roy came to Boston University from Maine with a stop at Tabor Academy before suiting up for the Terriers hockey team. Denna Laing is from Marblehead and went to Noble and Greenough High School (where she won five ISL Championships) before playing hockey at Princeton University and then went on to sign with the professional Boston Pride women’s hockey team. Pete Frates is from Beverly and played football, hockey and baseball at St. John’s Prep before going on to play baseball at Boston College. Frates has raised tens of millions of dollars for ALS research as a result of the Ice Bucket Challenge and Roy has raised millions of dollars for spinal cord research in large part due to his annual wiffle ball tournament that is played up in Vermont. Laing has made tremendous progress in her recovery efforts. As citizens of Boston we love to watch our sports and it is heartbreaking to see athletes dealt such awful blows at the peak of their careers but the way these three have lived their lives and have inspired others is truly unique to our city and they are three Boston profiles in courage that help define our community.

Home Health Care Initiative

Travis Roy Foundation

Denna Laing Fund


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