MIAA Super 8 Baseball Field Announced (5/29/17)…

As predicted correctly by ITHMA the eight teams to qualify for the 2017 MIAA Super 8 baseball tournament are as follows:

  1. St. John’s Shrewsbury
  2. St. John’s Prep
  3. Central Catholic High School
  4. BC High
  5. Braintree High School
  6. Xaverian Brothers
  7. Newton North High School
  8. Belmont High School

5 thoughts on “MIAA Super 8 Baseball Field Announced (5/29/17)…”

  1. Rather than focusing on my opinion of the quality of teams up for debate, how can the committee possibly defend putting Belmont and Newton North in over Methuen and Andover when the latter two passed through the first round with identical 8-1 votes while Newton North narrowly got through (5-4) and Belmont was only slightly better (6-3)?

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