Super 8 Battle – (1) St. John’s Shrewsbury vs. (2) St. John’s Prep (6/7/17)…

In the winners bracket of the Super 8 Baseball Tournament you now have a looming battle between top seed St. John’s Shrewsbury and second seed St. John’s Prep that will be played this Saturday at 1:00 PM in Brockton. These two teams know each other very well as they have already played twice this season with St. John’s Shrewsbury winning their first game 3-2 followed by St. John’s Prep winning their second game 4-1. St. John’s Shrewsbury already has wins over Belmont by a score of 3-1 and over BC High by a score of 7-1. St. John’s Prep beat Newton North 18-3 in the opening round of play followed by a 7-4 win over Central Catholic. The winner of this game will move on to the Super 8 finals and will be in a very good position having no losses in the tournament. The loser of this game will drop down into the “one loss” bracket and will be eliminated from the tournament if they lose another game. The key thing to watch for in this game will be St. John’s Shrewsbury ace Ian Seymour (a Virginia Tech commit) going up against St. John’s Prep pitching by committee strategy where Head Coach Dan Letarte will roll out a number of pitchers including MIT bound Casey Bussone, Zach Begin, Jake Sanderson and Max Gieg. The St. John’s Prep strategy uses multiple pitchers for a couple of innings each to utilize their overall pitching depth and to keep opposing batters off balance. St. John’s Prep has been the runner-up in the last two Super 8 finals so this game really could not be any bigger for both of these teams. The date and time for this game have delayed until Saturday at 1:00 PM due to all of the bad weather we have been having but this game will be well worth the wait when these two top teams face off once again down in Brockton.

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