Boston College – Athletic Building Boom (6/22/17)….

Anybody traveling in the area around Boston College’s main campus can’t help but notice the massive sports facilities actively being developed. Shea Field adjacent to the BC football stadium has been leveled and the new indoor football practice facility is now actively under construction.

Future Football Complex

This is all part of a $200 million dollar investment by BC into their overall athletic facilities. Down Lake Street on their Brighton campus a massive fourteen acre baseball and softball complex is also actively under construction and these new facilities should be ready for the 2018 seasons. The new baseball stadium will have 1,000 seats and the new softball field will have 300 seats.

Future Baseball Complex

The indoor facility for football is expected to be completed by July of 2018 and the lack of such a year-round football facility has been a top complaint from BC coaches for many years running. To successfully recruit top football and baseball prospects to play in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) you simply must have these kind of modern sports facilities. UConn and Syracuse are two competing northeast Division 1 football programs that already have year-round indoor football facilities and they are also two schools that recruit many of the same football prospects as BC does. Bryant University in Rhode Island actively promotes its brand new indoor football facility as the best in the northeast so it forces other Division 1 programs like BC to spend millions of dollars to try and keep up. Look for these new football and baseball facilities on the BC campus to be a huge advantage in recruiting for these two sports as they should make BC much more competitive in terms of what top recruits expect as part of choosing to attend a top Division 1 athletic program.

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