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ITHMA Player Profile – Josh Shrestha

Contact Information:


High School: St. John’s Shrewsbury High School

Grade: Junior – Class of 2018

GPA / SAT: 3.21 GPA (Honors and AP)

Position(s) Played: Slot

Height-Weight: 5’6” and 163 Pounds

Hudl Highlights

Speed: 4.63 Forty Yard Dash


2016 Football Stats:

Gym Stats: Bench 265, Squat 365

Other Sports Played:


College Interest:

College Offers:


Mass HS Football Prospects Class Of 2018 – 5 More (6/2/17)…

Let’s take a look at five more football prospects from the Mass HS class of 2018. As always these are in no particular order as we will add them to our 2018 class rankings at a later date.

Hudl Film

Xavier Thibault – DE/T -Williston Northampton School –  At 6’5” and 230 pounds Thibault is an athletic defensive end who also plays right tackle on the offensive line and plays on special teams. Thibault is an instinctive pass rusher with a phenomenal spin move helping him get around offensive tackles. Thibault has a great motor and length which allow him to get off blocks and make plays in the offensive backfield.

Hudl Film

Mike Slattery – TE/DE – Saint John’s Preparatory High School –  At 6’3”and 230 pounds Slattery is an extremely strong blocking tight end who is athletic enough to also be flexed out as a receiver. Slattery has good hands and can extend to make catches off the line of scrimmage or spread out wide. Slattery is also a very good defensive end as he seals the outside edge and is aggressive going after the ball carrier.

Hudl Film

Nick Correia – NT/OL – Nantucket High School – At 6’5” and 355 pounds Correia has a physical presence that not many high school prospects have. Correia controls the inside of the defensive line and more often than not is being blocked by two offensive linemen. Very effective stopping the opponent’s running game and moves well for a lineman of his size. Also a physical right tackle on the offensive line for Nantucket. Correia already holds an offer from the University of Rhode Island.

Hudl Film

Kevin Bruce – LB – Needham High School / Cheshire Academy (CT) – At 6’2” and 244 pounds Bruce is a big and physical middle linebacker with a very good first step towards the ball. Bruce diagnoses plays well and is not afraid to go up against bigger lineman as he effectively fills running lanes and runs a reported 4.65 forty. Bruce will play his 2017 football season as a PG at Cheshire Academy in Connecticut.

Hudl Film

Jarrett Martin – FS/ATH – Catholic Memorial High School – Martin is a 6’3” and 182 pound free safety with a quick reaction time that allows him to make plays from the secondary. Can effectively drop into coverage but also is very good stepping up to help against the run. Martin can cover a lot of ground on the field and is a very good athlete as he also plays basketball for the Knights.


MIAA Super 8 Baseball – Second Round Games Set (6/6/17)…

With St. John’s Shrewsbury’s 3-1 win over Belmont High School today we now know what the second round Super 8 baseball match-ups will look like. In the unbeaten bracket top seed St. John’s Shrewsbury will move on to take on fourth seed BC High in Brockton this Sunday at 4:00 PM (St. John’s Shrewsbury beat BC High 7-1 and will play St. John’s Prep next). Second seed St. John’s Prep will now move on to play third seed Central Catholic High School in Brockton this Sunday at 1:00 PM (St. John’s Prep beat Central Catholic 7-4 and will play St. John’s Shrewsbury in the next round). Both of these teams are coming off very impressive first round performances. In the one loss bracket we will see fifth seed Braintree High School play eighth seed Belmont High School in Brockton this coming Wednesday at 7:00 PM while sixth seed Xaverian Brothers will now play seventh seed Newton North High School in Brockton this coming Thursday at 4:00 PM. The teams in the one loss bracket games will be playing “elimination games” as the loser of these second round games will be out of the tournament.

New Balance Athletics Transforming Brighton (6/1/17)…

The recent announcement by Catholic Memorial High School that they will be moving their hockey program to the Warrior Ice Arena in Brighton is yet another demonstration of how this New Balance site is changing the athletic landscape in the city of Boston. If you haven’t already had the chance, make sure to take a drive over to the New Balance site in Brighton to understand the full scale of what is going on over there. The Warrior Ice Arena is the new training and practice facility for the Boston Bruins and right next to the rink they are building the new Boston Celtics training and practice facility. This is all in addition to retail space, office space, condos and hotel space. They also recently opened a commuter rail stop at the site which was paid for by New Balance. In addition, many of the local sports radio talk shows are produced from this site nestled in along the Mass Pike. Last year we saw Brighton High School move their home football games back to Daly Field in Brighton after Simmons College and the State of Massachusetts did an amazing job turning run down space along the Charles River into a state-of-the-art athletic facility for multiple sports. The Daly Field complex is literally a five minute drive from the New Balance site. The Daly Field transformation along with the New Balance developments have turned Brighton into one of the hottest sports destinations in the entire state and it is great to see that local high schools are also benefitting from all of this. The Catholic Memorial announcement is a huge win for the Catholic Conference and MIAA teams that will get an opportunity to play at this beautiful new rink that the Boston Bruins call home. It will also be very interesting to see if other high school programs are able to take advantage of these new facilities in the future whether it be for regular use or even tournaments.

Class Of 2020 HS Football Recruiting – Kevin and Drew Pyne (6/1/17)…

Kevin Pyne and Drew Pyne are cousins who are both currently finishing up their freshman year in high school and both are top class of 2020 college football recruits. Kevin Pyne is a 6’8″ and 265 pound offensive lineman for Massachusetts Division 4A Super Bowl champion Millis High School and Drew Pyne is a 6’1″ quarterback for state champion New Canaan High School in Connecticut. Kevin has received a ton of college football scholarship offers from top football programs including Florida State, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia TechUCLA and Boston College. Drew received an offer from Alabama as an eighth grader and since then has added schools including Florida State, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Auburn, North Carolina and most recently Oklahoma. What is very interesting is that you already see some overlap in their college offers with schools like Florida State and Boston College having offers out to both of them. With three years of high school left and with these cousins both being at the very top of many college recruiting boards it will be interesting to see if a single school can get both of the Pynes to commit in what might be the biggest story of the 2020 football recruiting class. Look for many more schools to offer both Kevin and Drew Pyne over the next few years as they are two of the top freshmen in the country and where they end up playing at the next level will have a major impact on the college football landscape.